Terms of use

Refund Policies:

Web Design & Programming Services:

All website design and programming sales are final upon initial deposit or full payment. Smart Click may at its own discretion provide a partial refund, upon request from the client minus any fees or expenses occurred and any documented design and programming time which would be billed at a rate of $50.00 an hour.

Marketing Related Services (SEO, Social Media, Ad Posting, Email Marketing, Content and Copyrighting):

Smart Click does not provide refunds for marketing related services, but does not require prior notification other than lack of payment to cancel services.

Graphics Design Services:

Refunds for graphics design services are not entitled to refunds, as these services are subjective and unmeasurable with respect to expectations.

Chargebacks / Payment Disputes:

If a chargeback or payment dispute is received, from merchant, credit card company or bank, projects will be suspended without notice. Additionally, damages may be sought to recover the FULL AMOUNT of the the project, regardless of the whether the project has been paid in full, or the project has been completed at the time of dispute.