About Smart Click

Smart Click can be well defined as an interactive agency that offers a wide array of customized solutions in the area of web design, web development and web marketing. In doing so, we adhere to the strictest standards so that our clients benefit from the best return for their investment in the most reasonable period of time.

Our team is highly creative, effectively translating our client's vision into revenues and profit. Our personalized attention to our client's objectives, and our ability to rapidly and diligently execute to those objectives, in itself sets us apart from our competitors. Smart Click truly eliminates the competition with our significantly better than industry standard pricing-making our suite of products and services unbeatable.


Smart Click understood from the very beginning that their target audience needs to be well positioned in their respective industries to have the greatest chance of success. Small and medium sized businesses in many cases are prepared for this success with one small exception their budgets.

Because of our earlier business successes, we understood that revenue exists in 2 ways. The first is the amount of sales revenue that a business creates. The other is in the effective management of costs. By focusing on the management of costs, Smart Click has designed and developed proprietary processes that allow it to service is clients fast, reliably, with better quality of design and programming and at lower costs to the client than any of our competitors could hope to accomplish. As a matter of fact, some of our biggest clients are other web design and web marketing agencies that white label our work.


Smart Click has invested heavily on developing the most optimal process in an effort to streamline the great experience our clients have with us, and further, to pass on the incredible savings in costs we have been able to achieve as a result.

From the moment that a potential customer becomes a client, they are set up with access to our proprietary Web Client Management System. Web Client provides our clients with a transparent view to your projects, start and deliverable dates, status updates pertaining to a given project or task, file management (a repository for creative, codes, etc.), and various email notifications so that you are always at arm's length with your project.

Once this is done, our personal client managers begin with a "kick off meeting", which is designed to understand our clients objectives, from which we can perform the required research and deliver a project game plan. Once a game plan has been provided and approved by the client, Smart Click sets the wheels into motion, with success being just around the corner.